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Compu B

On SiteGround get into your account and go to cPanel.
Set up a new sub-domain, such as nostress.
What is this?

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The Science

Was Sherlock Holmes a drug addict? No. Did he use cocaine? Yes. But Holmes, same as many other people, was able to control his usage, and he used it only when he wanted to feel a certain effect and to intensify his thinking process.

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Bridge It

His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing. Upon my quoting Thomas Carlyle, he inquired in the naivest way who he might be and what he had done. My surprise reached a climax, however, when I found incidentally that he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the Solar System.

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The Balloon

Sherlock Holmes never makes things easy for his friends. Especially when they’re not yet his friends. Don’t believe it? Just try to get an appointment with him. Unless you are a British earl from the countryside, and are having a problem with your wife, you will never get in to see him.

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Cordially Yours

“My practice has extended recently to the Continent,” said Holmes, after a while, filling up his old brier-root pipe. “I was consulted last week by Francois Le Villard, who, as you probably know, has come rather to the front lately in the French detective service. He has all the Celtic power of quick intuition, but

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